Read news for kids based on your device’s location.

Magazine entirely made for children where they can read news, watch videos, play free games, make their own paintings and read fables.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


News for Kids

It´s free.

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Key features

  1. - Read news for kids based on your city, country or GPS position.

  1. - Watch videos.

  1. - Download free games.

  1. - Draw your own paints and share them on Twitter or save them to your camera roll.

  1. - Read fables that help them to improve their moral.

Save your drawings to your camera roll or twit them from within the app
Start from any of your pictures in camera roll or iCloud
You can either use the default colors or use your own

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News screen

  1. The main screen shows the latest news. Remember to allow News4Kids to use your location, otherwise it will use your locale settings to get the news.


The entertainment screen allows you to watch movies, download free games or purchase music made for kids and babies.

Painter screen